Vision Statement

White Star Machinery Vision Statement

Our desire is to operate this business with humility, grace, and honesty that is pleasing to our families, customers, suppliers, employees and our creator. We want all associates to want to do business with us. We are in business for the long term and will sacrifice short-term gains for long-term rewards.

We intend to do what is right for the customers both legally and ethically. We will not over charge the customer or misrepresent a product. We will correct past errors if discovered. All of us must understand that profit is not an unhealthy word, and that a business cannot survive without a reasonable profit. We want our customers to make a profit from the products and services they obtain from us. We will build lasting relationships based on trust and fairness and we intend to prosper and grow with our customers.

We will be the market leader for compact equipment in our markets by supporting our equipment with well-trained employees who display a high degree of motivation and dedication. We will support our people with the tools, products and training needed to do their job. We intend to exceed the service and support expectations of our customers; our service and support will be superior to any competition in the market. Our customers will want to do business with us. Berry Companies has established performance benchmarks that are in line with our industry standards and we will always strive to be at the top of these benchmarks. We understand that profit is not only determined by how much we charge for products, but it is also affected by our efficiency and ability to control operating expenses, and by increasing sales through offering better value to our customers.

The growth of White Star will be dependent on customers who are loyal to us. We will be on the jobsite and in front of the customer. We want to be perceived as a partner and consultant rather than just a supplier. We will expand our base through relationship building and internet marketing. We will be known to all who shop at White Star as a company who offers the Best Value, and stands behind what they sell.


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